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Brayden Burns

21263 Hwy 550 Montrose, CO 81403

(970) 275-4119

Brayden Burns

Brayden Burns works as a geospatial analyst for Eagle Land Brokerage and Land Information Systems. Brayden earned his bachelor's degree from Southern Nazarene University (Environmental Studies; Business Administration) and master's degree from Arkansas State University (Environmental Science).  While in Arkansas, his work focused on nitrogen fertilizer rates and remote sensing technology; since moving back to Colorado, Brayden has applied the same analytical skill set to Colorado's farm and ranch market, providing essential data and analysis to farmers, ranchers, and stakeholders. As a fifth generation in the industry, Brayden has a deep appreciation for the land, people, and future of western agriculture. When he is able to sneak away from his desk, Brayden enjoys God's creation alongside his lovely wife Christa.

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