Ranches of the Cimarron

The aspen leaves were in full gold. Only some of the large groves were starting to lose their vibrancy coming out of a dry summer. The weekend before we just had a dumping of 10 inches of snow – typical for early September in Colorado. This is also coming out of scouting in a t-shirt and shorts […]

What If?

I recently read a small paragraph on Facebook that has stuck with me. “When I asked the old man if 2020 was challenging for him, he looked especially surprised and said to me,” “No, I learned a long time ago not to see the world through the printed headlines, I see the world through the […]

Cattle Industry 2020 and Predictions

Being raised in the cattle industry has had much reward but also has brought many tough days with the market fluctuating. This goes for any market that has a large risk. Being in the ag industry brings uncertainty but ranchers and farmers have a burning passion for the future of America. During the 2020 pandemic, […]

The World Needs More Cowboys

Western Colorado embodies the culture of the west; from the day-to-day life to the values held. Living and growing up in western Colorado has made it evident to me that The World Does Need More Cowboys The word COWBOY has no society associated with its definition. Cowboy is not a race. Not a gender. Nor […]

Fall in Western Colorado

What comes to mind when you think of fall in Colorado? The wonderful colors? Maybe the shorter days and colder temperatures? No matter how you look at it, you can find beauty. The mountains of Colorado are known for their beautiful colors and their brisk, clean air; however, there are many operations happening behind the […]

Valuable Attributes of Western Colorado Properties

Land in Western Colorado is in high demand. There are numerous attributes that add significant value to property. These include developmental value, water value, forage value, recreation, and not to mention some seclusion and privacy. Each of these listed aspects include several subcategories in which a land owner can capitalize on. Developmental Value There are […]