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The World Needs More Cowboys

Western Colorado embodies the culture of the west; from the day-to-day life to the values held. Living and growing up in western Colorado has made it evident to me that The World Does Need More Cowboys

cowboy boots sitting on porch

The word COWBOY has no society associated with its definition.

Cowboy is not a race. Not a gender. Nor a religion. Cowboy is a character, a way of life that one only understands when an entirely new code of values is honored.

I have grown up raised by, supported, and surrounded by cowboys. My idols are cowboys, my hero’s will always be cowboys. No amount of opposition can change the face of a COWBOY.

Cowboys are kind and cowboys are tough.
Proven by the hours spent up at night to save the life of a new born calf, too cold the night before to move. The mornings up before sunrise to get our work done.

Cowboys are strong.
Evident by the calluses on their hands and the blisters on their feet that they embrace as a sign of hard work.

Cowboys are tough, yet compassionate.
Doing what must to be done, and when it’s hard, still doing it with their whole heart, for many count on the cowboy every day without even knowing it.

Cowboys are loving.
They love the life they live, the people they know and the work they do.

cow ranch in winter

Cowboys are thankful.
Cowboys find joy in small things. The sound of rain overhead brings comfort that the grass will grow. They love the view atop a horse, being that’s where they feel most at home. They are grateful to wake up and see the sunrise, for that means they are alive. The stars are their ceiling. The fall colors bring them joy, knowing the cows are coming home. They see Heaven in the sunsets and enjoy Gods creations every day. For all this, they know they are lucky.

Cowboys have faith.
They bow their heads together. They pray for safety over their animals and the land and arenas which they inhabit. They pray for one another and that each cowboy’s life be filled with green pastures and good horses to ride. That God take care of each and every cowboy he’s made. “The Lord keeps watch on the way a cowboy rides. He studies all the trails he wanders.”

Until Next Month,
God Bless.

Lori Ann Klinglesmith – Rancher – Writer – Land and Wildlife Advocate
Lori Ann Klinglesmith