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What If?

I recently read a small paragraph on Facebook that has stuck with me.

“When I asked the old man if 2020 was challenging for him, he looked especially surprised and said to me,”

“No, I learned a long time ago not to see the world through the printed headlines, I see the world through the people that surround me. I see the world with the realization that we love big. Therefore, I just choose to write my own headlines like, Old Man Makes New Friend Today.

“His words collided with my worries, and my headline now reads Person Overwhelmed by the Spirit of Kindness and the Reminder That our Capacity of Love is Never Ending

, What If?, Colorado Ranch Real Estate for Sale | Eagle Land Brokerage

It has been easy to look at the negative, dwell on the darkness, and find something wrong with our current situations lately. It has been even easier to place blame; but what if we take this old man’s advice?

What if we all start focusing on the small things?
What if we all were to look at the blessings we receive each day?
What if we all look to God and trust His timing?
What if we all take this old man’s advice and write our own headlines?
What if we all did these things, what would our world look like then?

If we do all these things, I see a happier, more blessed, more God loving world than that of what we see today.

It is important that we understand the world is changed by one person at a time, and a person is changed by only himself. No big change can be made without first the shift of our mind’s eye. We must change our perspectives to change ourselves & we must change ourselves to change the world.

Let’s all challenge each other., What If?, Colorado Ranch Real Estate for Sale | Eagle Land Brokerage

Let’s take this time in our lives as an opportunity to see the small stuff, count our blessings, and value our lives for the simplistic and wonderful beauty that it is.

Let’s vow to start this change that originates from within. If we work to change ourselves one positive trait at a time, each sail our own ships to smooth waters; someday soon we can all enjoy the view.

Let’s all do our small part by simply being good & happy people & passing it on.

Let’s take the chance to better ourselves & our minds.

Let’s all start loving God, loving people & showing it.

Until Next Month,
God Bless

Lori Ann Klinglesmith – Rancher – Writer – Land and Wildlife Advocate
Lori Ann Klinglesmith